Backends on Demand

Backends On Demand

Subscribe or fix a price for a dedicated backend developer, whenever you need them, without the overhead of hiring and supervising full-time employees.

Tech Stack:

NodeJs development
AWS Lambda development
AWS development
Redis development
Aws ec2 development
Aws Cognito development
Ruby on Rails development
Ruby development

Management, Development and Maintenance

Ruby on Rails project management and maintenance

We develop Ruby on Rails software for online services, web applications and mobile applications. With our assistance, you can create a scalable solution, develop additional capabilities for your existing system, or address problems.

MVPs for startups
We offer Ruby on Rails rapid application development services to help you launch a minimum viable product (MVP) quickly. As your product expands, we provide scalable web infrastructures so you don’t have to worry about handling the load.
Enterprise modernization
Developing business-critical enterprise solutions is typically a lengthy process. We integrate corporate features quickly while assuring scalability and adaptability thanks to our efficient engineering processes. We can create Ruby on Rails-based bespoke applications.
Update Your Gems
We maintain your application’s compatibility with the most recent versions of gems, allowing you to benefit from all the most recent enhancements and changes.
Protect Your Website
We can ensure that outdated, vulnerable code is replaced with modern, secure code, therefore facilitating compliance and providing you with peace of mind.
Monitor Your Server
We set up reliable and timely reporting on the performance of your application and notify you when problems arise.
Improve Your Test Suite
We implement pragmatic enhancements to your test suite to ensure that your website is well-tested and that your tests execute quickly.
Cloud Infrastructure / Migration / Solutions
We build back-end solutions with elastic computing capacity that enables your system to scale naturally with the industry’s best cloud platforms. Additionally, we help migrate your legacy back-end systems to public, private or hybrid clouds.
Technical Back-end Audit
To help you optimize your existing application or migrate a legacy system to a new environment, we can perform a thorough back-end audit, identify bottlenecks, and revamp your infrastructure, architecture, codebase, and data schemas.
Mobile App Back-end Development
We design back-ends for enterprise mobile apps, smart devices and wearables, multimedia distributing mobile solutions, mobile messengers, social networks and more. Our back-end development team will take care of your app’s server and business logic.
IoT Back Ends
We build IoT back-end systems that let you manage your IoT fleet, optimize your workflows, and efficiently orchestrate your whole IoT system and business operations.

We collaborate closely with our clients


We work on projects ranging from simple scripts to enterprise-level software across industries. In addition, we’ve made considerable use of several of Ruby’s basic gems and frameworks.

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